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Solar Tips, Hints, and Facts

How Does Solar Net Metering Affect a Residential System?

If you are thinking about going solar, then it is likely that you are asking questions about how net metering will affect your system. Our team at New Day Solar…

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How to Read Your SCE Meter After Solar is Installed

With the industry shift from analogue meters, to digital meters, to now bi-directional smart meters, it’s easy for the average home owner to get confused when they read their house…

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Solar Panels

5 Misconceptions about Solar Power at Home

There’s no question that solar panels are a great investment for your home. Many homeowners are skeptical about solar being installed on their home because they don’t understand the industry….

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Can a Residential Solar System Make a Difference for Climate Change?

Climate change is a topic that needs to be addressed on a national and worldwide level. Even though there are various initiatives in place to reduce the impact of fossil…

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5 Alarming Facts about Pollution You Need to Know

Are you being proactive to reduce your impact on the environment? Our modern lifestyle has led to serious pollution levels. It seems like these problems will continue getting worse unless…

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5 Energy-Wasting Habits at Home that Need to be Fixed

Do you have energy-wasting habits that may need to be fixed? You might be running up the utility bills without realizing the impact your habits have on the environment and…

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How Do Solar Panels Work?

The technology behind solar panels is fascinating in the way the clean energy is generated. Photons from the sunshine at the molecular level bump electrons from one side of the…

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Will Solar Panels Be a Good Fit for My House?

Are you trying to decide if your house is a good candidate for solar installation? If you want the advantage of solar power in your home, then there is usually…

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Solar News

30% Tariff on Solar Modules: What it Means for the Cost of Your Solar System

If you have been preparing to install a solar power system, then it was probably frustrating information to hear about the 30% tariff on solar modules that was recently signed…

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