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Comp Shingle Rooftops

A very common roofing material for many older track homes, is composite or asphalt shingle.
These roof surfaces are the quickest, simplest, and least expensive surfaces to install solar panels upon.
They also allow rafters to be more easily located when designing the solar array layout.

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Concrete Tile Rooftops

Concrete tile is one of the most common roofing materials. Roof tiles come in a variety of different sizes, shapes, and colors. Though, a little more challenging to install upon when compared to composite or asphalt shingle, these roof surfaces are ideal for solar panels.

Due to the heavier load of the concrete tiles, the roof’s infrastructure is designed stronger, and can handle much more weight. This is beneficial when installing solar electric systems on larger buildings. It allows full roof surfaces to be covered in solar, with less structural concerns.

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Clay Tile / Flat Rooftops

Aside from the traditional asphalt shingle and concrete tile, some homes utilize a variety of other roof coverings. These would include clay tile and a plethora of flat roof materials. Many of which provide a unique set of challenges. These challenges range from requiring different hardware, flashing, and can sometimes take a little more time to install solar modules upon.

Because our installation crews have many years of experience under their belt, these additional roof surfaces are still a simple installation process for our New Day Solar team.

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Ground Mounted Array

For those home owners who’s roof either sits under an abundance of shade, or has an extremely complex layout due to ventilation, a ground-mounted solar electric system may be a better option for them than the traditional roof-mounted system. Larger lot properties usually have a few prime locations for adding a ground-mounted system away from the shade.

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