Maintenance Tips for Solar Panels

Maintenance Tips for Solar Panels

How much work is required for solar panel maintenance? In the same way, you need to schedule oil changes and tire rotations for your car, there are a few simple tasks that need to be done to ensure the durability of your solar panels.

Myth: Solar Panels Require a Lot of Maintenance

One common myth is that solar panels require a lot of ongoing maintenance. You may worry about the need to climb on your roof to take care of your solar system. Luckily, the required maintenance is minimal, so there isn’t a need to pull out the ladder frequently.

This equipment is designed to withstand all weather conditions for at least 25 years. All that is needed is a quick rinse each year to remove grime or dust that could impact the performance of the solar panels. Rainfall is helpful to wash off dirt or debris from your solar panels. But long-term buildup over time or bird droppings, could have a negative impact on the electricity production of your solar system, so you want to make sure that they are clean.

When to Call the Pros

Some homeowners are happy to attempt a DIY cleaning session with a hose and just rinse off the modules periodically. If you do choose to get on the roof to clean your own solar panels, make sure that you have a sturdy ladder and the right safety equipment to prevent an injury. The easiest solution is to call a professional team so that you don’t have to take the safety risk of climbing on your roof.

If you suspect that something is wrong with your solar electric system, check your electric bill. Or you can check the monitoring that was set up with your system, so that you can identify if a component has failed. Most solar panels come with a 25 year manufacaturerwarranty, so you should never hesitate to call if you have a question

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5 years ago / December 18, 2018

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