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Solar Myths & Misconceptions

Solar Myths & Misconceptions - New Day Solar

Solar Myths and Misconceptions to Understand Before Adding Solar to Your Home or Business

Solar energy is a rapidly growing industry with great benefits. If you have some misinformation that is holding you back from investing in solar panels for your home, learn the truth.

Once you understand the explanations of common solar myths, you can move ahead with your solar installation.

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5 Solar Panel Myths Explained

Before many people get a chance to research solar panels, they are deterred by flippant comments or misconceptions passed along by people unfamiliar with the solar industry.  It is vital to form your own opinion on the benefits of solar energy and learn directly from experts in the industry.

Here are some common solar energy myths:

1. Solar Panels Do Not Work on Cloudy or Rainy Days

Solar panels do work efficiently on cold and cloudy days. The sun can shine through the clouds, and solar panels gain enough electricity to power homes in overcast climates.

Germany is known for cool, cloudy weather and is one of the leading countries in solar panel installations.

2. Houses Do Not Sell as Quickly with Solar Panels

Studies show that solar panels increase the value of your home and make it more desirable.

When someone buys a home with solar panels, they are signing up for monthly energy savings. Who isn’t interested in saving money?

3. Solar Panels Can Damage the Roof

Solar panels protect the part of the roof they cover by adding an extra level of defense.

You should always inspect your roof before installation to be sure there aren’t existing vulnerabilities in the roof.

4. Solar Panels Require a Lot of Maintenance

It is not true that solar panels require much maintenance. If you live in a snowy area, the snow slides off the panels, cleaning them as it slides.

The panels are made to withstand harsh weather and wind. You may have to clear leaves every now and then, but professional service calls are rare for solar panels.

5. Solar Energy Is Too Expensive

Prices for solar panels are decreasing as they become more popular.

People are investing in solar energy because it saves money over time.

While investing in solar energy is a big decision to make, you will find that most of the misconceptions can be explained.

And then you can join the thousands of homeowners who are taking charge of their energy usage and installing solar panels on their homes.

Now that these common myths are debunked, it may be time to look into New Day Solar.

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