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Bringing Solar Cheer: Illuminate Your Home with Clean Energy

It’s fun to illuminate your home with holiday lights! Not only do you see the wonder and excitement in the children’s eyes, but adults also enjoy the coziness of hanging…

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Give Yourself and Your Family the Gift of Solar Energy

As you are shopping for gifts for your loved ones, there are some things that can’t be wrapped in a box. Many people are turning their attention and priorities to…

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Harvesting Solar Energy: Why Autumn Is a Great Time to Consider Solar Installation

It makes sense that spring and summer are the most productive times of year for a solar power system because of the long days and optimal sunlight during this time…

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Solar Energy: The Cornucopia of Clean Power

Many people are concerned about global warming and how the use of fossil fuels is impacting our beautiful planet. As a homeowner or business owner, is there anything that you…

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Witching Hour: How Solar Panels Work at Night

When the sun goes down, and all of the children are out trick-or-treating, does it mean that your home can’t be powered by electricity from your solar panels? Since solar…

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Trick or Treat? Breaking Down the Magic of Solar Panels

Halloween is an exciting holiday, with children discussing magic and spooky things. At the same time, adults might question modern technology that seems like magic: solar panels that can collect…

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Guide to How Many Solar Panels Required to Power a Home

You’ve made the exciting decision to invest in a solar power system for your home. Now, the question is how to design the optimal system to ensure that you have…

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Prepare for Future Heat Waves with Solar Panel Installation

There’s no question that the climate is changing: temperatures continue to rise, making it more and more common to have heat waves in the summer months. As the weather gets…

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NEM 3.0 Does Not Affect Existing Solar Panel Customers Under NEM 2.0

NEM 3.0 is a new program that reduces the total credits that solar panel customers receive from the electric company when they contribute extra energy to the grid. If you…

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