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The Financial Benefits of Installing a Solar Power System

Will a solar power system save you money? This question commonly comes up among homeowners who are considering an investment in a residential solar system. The numbers vary depending on…

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Solar Power Homeowners: How Much Did You Save in 2017?

It feels great to have a solar electric system installed on your home! Have you paid attention to the differences in your utility costs since the solar panels were installed?…

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New Year’s Resolution: Reduce Energy Usage This Year

How many people will be impacted by your New Year’s resolutions this year? It is common to set personal development goals, such as weight loss or a promotion at work….

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Offer the Family the Gift of Solar Power

December is an exciting month because many families are celebrating holidays during this time of year. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukah, or something else, it is common to exchange gifts. …

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The Best Strategies to Protect Our Planet for Future Generations

Do you know how much of an impact your daily habits have on the environment? Americans make up approximately 5% of the global population, but we use about 25% of…

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Solar News

Thanksgiving Thoughts: Gratitude for Unlimited Renewable Energy

Thanksgiving is drawing near, so many people are turning their thoughts to gratitude. This season is a great opportunity to focus on the comforts that we enjoy each day. It…

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What are the Top Benefits of Going Solar?

When people learn about the benefits of going solar, it becomes an easy decision to have a solar electric system installed at their home. These are some of the benefits…

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How are Solar Panels Installed on a Home?

Do you want to upgrade your home with a solar power system? Some homeowners wonder how easy it would be to start into a do-it-yourself solar energy project. But, the…

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What Does “Carbon Footprint” Mean?

The topic of climate change is a growing concern for many people. You might hear terms like solar energy, renewable energy, carbon footprint, and wonder what these things really mean. …

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