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Can Solar Panels and Batteries on a Home Protect from a Blackout?
April 6, 2021

In February, many Texas homeowners went without electricity for 4 or more days as they tried to keep their homes warm during unprecedented single-digit temperatures. The prepared homeowners with solar panels and batteries had toasty homes and electricity during the blackout. These homes were able to be a warming center…

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Power Outages: How to Make the Most of Your Backup Solar Battery
December 15, 2020

Rolling power outages are a concern, especially when the risk of wildfire is high. What will happen in your home if you lose power because of a utility shutoff or a temporary disruption because of repair work or an accident? Consequences of Power Outages Losing power can be expensive if…

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Is your Home Ready for Solar
November 10, 2020

Are you interested in getting solar for your home? Start with deciding if your home is ready for solar or if you will need to make some changes before your solar is installed. Roof Age – How old is your roof? If your roof is more than 20 years old,…

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The Different Types of Solar Panels
September 24, 2020

Now that you’ve made the decision that you want to move forward with having a solar system installed at your home, you still have a few more decisions to make. Not only do you need to choose the specific technology used in your solar system, but you also need to…

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The Benefits of Battery Back-up (Energy Storage) for Your Solar Panels
August 21, 2020

Even if your residential solar system is connected to the grid, there are benefits to adding battery back-up or energy storage to your system. Adding batteries to your solar system can enable you to store extra electricity that your solar system generates and use it later when you need it.  If your…

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Reap All the Benefits of Solar Power During the Summer
July 14, 2020

Hot summer days can really drive up your home electricity bill. Fortunately, the long daylight hours of summer are when solar panels create lots of power.  To make sure you’re maximizing solar benefits, it’s important to maintain your solar system. Here are a few key things to ensure your solar…

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Enjoying Summer 2020 from the Comfort of Home
July 3, 2020

The year 2020 has already proven to be one for the history books. Now that summer is in full swing, we are all trying to adjust to staying home more than we’d like. Rather than concentrating on what we’ve lost this year, a little creativity and self-discovery can go a…

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It’s Getting Hotter, Now is the Time to Install Solar Panels
June 9, 2020

As the weather is warming up, have you put together a list of home improvement projects for the summer? For most households, summer means that the air conditioner is turned on, the kids are home from school, and energy usage is going up. If you want to avoid high utility…

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Is it a Good Idea to Go “Off the Grid” with Residential Solar System?
February 18, 2020

With ongoing advances in solar technology and energy storage, more homeowners are asking the question, “Is it possible to completely remove my home from the electricity grid?” Although it is technically possible, your solar system and batteries would need to be a lot larger and therefore, the cost of this…

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4 Tips for Designing the Perfect Residential Solar System
November 19, 2019

Thinking about solar power for your home or business? Here are four steps to designing and installing the right system for you: 1. Research Your Home’s Energy Efficiency Solar is definitely the most effective way to reduce your energy usage with your utility company. However, an energy efficient home will…

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