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Solar System Inspections

Buying or selling a home with existing solar?

A professional solar inspection will ensure your solar system is performing as you expect it to.

  • Protect Your Property Value:
    Your solar system is a major asset to your overall value of your property.
  • Reduce Electricity Costs:
    Solar panels can minimize your electric bills, IF they are working properly.
  • Detect Issues Early:
    Problems with solar panels can go undetected for months.
  • Maximize Your Savings:
    Solar panels that are not in optimal working condition could cost you thousands of dollars per year in avoidable electric bills.
  • Gain Peace of Mind:
    A simple inspection can identify any issues and help you to maximize the efficiency of your system.

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What does a Solar Panel Inspection from New Day Solar Include?

Choosing New Day Solar for your solar energy needs goes beyond merely installing state-of-the-art solar panels. It signifies a steadfast dedication to the lasting efficiency, safety, and durability of your solar system.

Our thorough solar inspection process, crafted with industry know-how and a commitment to the highest standards, guarantees that your investment doesn’t just meet but surpasses your expectations.

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What our solar system inspection includes

The New Day Solar Inspection Checklist:

Visual Inspection of all Equipment

During the visual inspection, our certified inspectors meticulously examine every component of your solar panel system.

  • Solar Panels:
    Checking for any signs of physical damage, wear, or defective cells that might affect performance.
  • Inverters:
    Verifying the functionality of inverters, ensuring they are efficiently converting DC power to AC power for your home or business.
  • Wiring and Connections:
    Inspecting the wiring for wear, damage, or loose connections that could compromise safety or performance.
  • Mounting and Racking Systems:
    Ensuring the secure attachment of solar panels to your roof or mounting structure.

This thorough examination ensures that each element of your solar system is in optimal condition and can perform effectively.

Determine System Operating using all Information Available

Our inspectors utilize all available information to assess the overall performance and operating status of your solar system. This includes:

  • Data Analysis:
    Reviewing historical performance data to identify any irregularities or deviations from expected energy production.
  • Monitoring System Checks:
    Verifying the functionality of the monitoring system, ensuring it accurately captures real-time data.
  • System Logs:
    Checking system logs for any error messages or unusual patterns that may indicate a potential issue.

By utilizing a combination of historical data and real-time monitoring, we gain a comprehensive understanding of your system’s operation.

Visual Inspection of Exterior Roof Penetrations

Roof penetrations are crucial points that require careful examination to prevent potential leaks or structural issues. Our inspectors focus on:

  • Flashing and Sealant:
    Checking the condition of flashing and sealant around roof penetrations to ensure a watertight seal.
  • Penetration Integrity:
    Verifying the integrity of any roof penetrations, such as conduits or mounting hardware.
  • Structural Assessment: 
    Ensuring that the installation of roof penetrations hasn’t compromised the structural integrity of the roof.

This visual inspection safeguards against potential water damage and ensures the long-term integrity of your roofing system.

Analysis of Actual Power Production of System Vs Expected Production*

To evaluate the performance of your solar system, we conduct a detailed analysis of actual power production compared to the expected production. This involves:

  • Energy Output Comparison:
    Comparing the actual energy output of your system to the expected production based on factors such as sunlight exposure and system capacity.
  • Identifying Discrepancies:
    Investigating any significant deviations between actual and expected production to pinpoint potential issues.
  • Efficiency Assessment: 
    Assessing the overall efficiency of your solar panels and associated components.

This analysis provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of your solar panel system and allows us to address any performance-related concerns.

*Production analysis can only be complete once New Day Solar has been granted access to the solar system’s monitoring equipment

Detailed Report of Solar System Status including Recommendations

Following the inspection, our team provides a comprehensive report detailing the status of your solar system. This report includes:

  • Inspection Findings:
    Clear documentation of any issues or areas of concern identified during the inspection.
  • Performance Analysis: 
    A summary of the system’s overall performance, comparing actual results to expected production.
  • Recommendations: 
    Tailored recommendations for any necessary repairs, maintenance, or improvements to enhance the efficiency and longevity of your solar system.

Our goal is not only to identify issues but also to provide actionable recommendations, empowering you to make informed decisions about the maintenance and optimization of your solar installation.

The Benefits of a Solar Inspection - New Day Solar

The Benefits of a Solar Inspection

An average solar system installed by New Day Solar in 2022 produced over $4,000 per year in electricity.
A solar system that does not operate properly could cost you over $300 per month.

Optimized Performance

Regular inspections ensure that each component of your solar system is operating at peak efficiency. Identifying and addressing issues promptly helps maximize energy production, ensuring you get the most out of your solar investment.

Energy Savings

A well-maintained solar system translates to increased energy savings. By detecting and fixing any malfunctions, you prevent potential energy losses and ensure that your system continues to contribute significantly to reducing your electricity bills.

Long-Term Reliability

Identifying and rectifying issues early on can extend the lifespan of the system, providing you with sustained benefits for years to come and reducing the likelihood of major, costly repairs.

Protect Your Investment

A thorough inspection offers assurance that your investment is secure, and your home continues to benefit from clean, renewable energy without unexpected interruptions

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New Day Solar - Affordable solar system inspections

What does it cost to protect your investment?

Our full inspection service, analysis,
and report costs only $299

A solar system inspection is a proactive measure that not only preserves the performance and longevity of your system but also ensures you enjoy the full range of benefits that solar energy has to offer.

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