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Based in beautiful Murrieta, CA, New Day Solar, formerly Carlson Solar, was founded 23 years ago by Scott and Mary Carlson.

Carlson Solar was a pioneer in the solar industry in Southern California, installing some of the first solar electric systems in San Diego and Riverside County. The company grew to become one of the most respected and leading solar electric installers in Southern California. Scott and Mary Carlson were able to bring the company to success by providing customers with superior customer service, competitive pricing and industry leading expertise.

After a short period of early retirement, both Mary and Scott have once again decided to continue doing what they do best: bringing solar to the people at reasonable prices, doing quality installations, while reducing our dependency on oil imports and providing clean, renewable energy for our planet.

Founder Scott Carlson

Simply search “Scott Carlson and Solar” online and you get a plethora of information applauding his sustainability classes and solar installations. After all, he’s been a pioneer in the solar electric industry for the past 24 years.

Receiving a BA in Geography from San Diego State University in 1981, Scott focused his studies on urban development. He accepted a position as lead maintenance technician for the Natural Reserve System Research Facilities for the University of California Riverside in August of 1988. There, he started installing and maintaining Solar Electric systems for the remote student research facilities around Southern California. Nearly all of these facilities were not connected to the utility grid and were powered only by solar electrical systems. While working for UCR, Scott taught classes at the local adult school in basic electrical and photovoltaics.

In October of 1997, Scott started the company, Carlson Solar. Scott installed some of the first solar electric systems in San Diego, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties. He became a C-10 Electrical Contractor and also has a C-46 Solar License. With his expertise, Carlson Solar installed over 1,000 solar electric residential and commercial photovoltaic systems. Scott’s Hemet based company grew to be one of the most respected and leading solar electric installation companies in California.

Many of the solar inspectors currently evaluating systems learned what they know from one of Scott’s many classes.

By focusing on providing customers with superior customer service, and being passionate about helping the environment, Scott brought the company to its height in the industry with leading expertise. Due to his overall knowledge of solar systems, he was asked to Beta test several new solar technologies throughout the years for the manufacturers. With only 12 employees, Carlson Solar became the 6th largest solar electric company in California and considered one of the most cost effective, according the CA Energy Commission statistics as of October of 2006.

In January of 2008, Scott merged his company with Gaiam Real Goods, making it one of the largest residential solar installation companies in California. Scott became Executive Vice President of Real Good’s Solar, as well as the main contractor. After a few years, Scott decided to retire from Real Goods. It didn’t take long however, for Scott and his wife Mary to realize that the solar industry was not just a former business, but a way of life. With a passion surpassed by none, they decided to open New Day Solar. The business allows Scott and Mary to share their passion for the industry and put their stamp on helping the environment. In addition, it allows their customers to reap the benefits of their knowledge, dedication, focus on customer service, and the “family feel” they provide.

The Next Chapter

As Scott and Mary ease into retirement, their son-in-law Cory Johnson will be taking over the reigns as the contractor and carrying on their legacy. Cory has a mechanical background and a strong passion for building things. He has worked for New Day for 7 years and has held the titles of Service Manager and most recently Construction Manager.

For Cory, it is of utmost importance to maintain the level of individual service and attention to which New Day customers have become accustomed. New Day Solar will remain a local contractor that specializes in high quality custom builds that exceeds customer expectations.

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