Have You Been Thinking About Having Solar Installed?

Posted by New Day Solar
1 year ago | May 12, 2020

As we experience pandemics or natural disasters, it causes many people to step back and evaluate their priorities. What are your highest priorities? Most people choose life necessities: family, food, shelter, and health.

Many people are out of work and see that their financial wellness is more fragile than they realized. As a result, people are not taking for granted some of the daily benefits of living in modern society, such as access to electricity or stocked shelves at the grocery store. One of the unexpected benefits of the Coronavirus pandemic is that people are awakening to the importance of self-sufficiency. Now, the focus is turning to steps that can be taken to increase self-reliance and protect the financial future of your family.

Why You Shouldn’t Delay-

If you’ve been on the fence about solar, here are a few compelling reasons why you should move forward with your solar investment:

  1. Self-Sufficiency: The cost of utilities can add up, putting a financial burden on your family. When money gets tight, having solar can free up hundreds of dollars per month because you won’t have high electric bills and you will no longer have to worry about increasing utility rates. This reduction in monthly expenses is essential in improving your self-sufficiency when the economy is slow.
  2. Manageable Payments: You don’t have to have cash in pocket to pay for the solar panels upfront. Financing solutions are available to help you access the benefits of solar with zero down and monthly payments typically less than your current electric bill each month. After 12 years or sooner, this loan will be paid off, giving you free access to electricity in the future. You will no longer be on the lifetime payment plan with the electric company!
  3. Higher Usage: Social distancing has everyone spending more time at home. As a result, electricity costs are going up because of telecommuting and homeschooling. Even when the stay in place orders are relaxed, we are anticipating that social distancing will still keep many people at home more than before. As the energy costs go up, you need a way to decrease the expenses.
  4. Battery Back-UP: You can add battery back-up to your solar system, which will give you and your family peace of mind if the grid goes down.  With battery back-up, certain circuits in your house would remain energized if the grid goes down, which will make you and your family even more self-sufficient.


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