Becoming Energy Independent with Solar Energy

Becoming Energy Independent with Solar Energy

Do you worry about the next blackout? No one wants to go without power for hours on end, whether due to a storm, high winds, or extreme cold. The uncertainty is scary enough, and then you have to start to think about feeding your family and staying comfortable. When you reach energy independence with solar energy, you will not have to worry about a power outage.

What Is Energy Independence?

If you do not have solar panels, you rely on the city’s power source for electricity in your home. This means that when the power goes out in your area, you have to wait without answers, wondering when the city will get electricity restored.

If you have solar panels combined with battery storage, you can take care of your own energy needs while everyone else suffers the consequences of a blackout. Take the fear and uncertainty out of blackouts by controlling your own power source through renewable energy.

How Do You Achieve Energy Independence?

You may think that you can enjoy full power restoration through your solar panels, but the truth is that you need solar battery storage in addition to the panels to keep continuous power during a blackout. The combination of solar panels and battery storage creates energy independence:

  • Solar Panels: By using renewable energy from the sun, your solar panels will convert the energy into electricity to use in your home!
  • Solar Battery Storage: When the sun goes down in the evening, you can access stored energy from the sun that you did not use. Batteries are essential to keeping continuous power through the night when the sun is down.

You can take care of your family and know that you will always have access to a cold fridge and a warm home as long as the sun comes up each day. Learn about your options for solar energy.

Our team can walk you through options for solar panels and battery storage. Take care of your family without relying on the city’s power source during a blackout. If that interests you, give our pro team at New Day Solar a call for a free consultation: (855) 444-6329.

New Day Solar

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2 years ago / October 11, 2022

At New Day Solar, we are committed to improving the world we live in, as well as helping our community create brighter tomorrows!

With the expertise that New Day Solar provides, as well as the federal tax credits and rebates available, solar electricity is beneficial to everyone. Not only will you help conserve our environment, but you can save some money too! Solar electricity is not just a luxury, but also an investment for your home and country. Electricity is only going to get more expensive, but with help from New Day Solar, you can harness the sun’s energy and use it to your advantage.

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