How to Know If Solar Panels Are Working at Full Power

How to Know If Solar Panels Are Working at Full Power

Solar panels are installed on your home, and now you are ready to enjoy the savings. But how do you know if your solar panels are working at full power? Here are some ways you can monitor your solar panel system.

4 Tips for Monitoring Solar Energy from Solar Panels

You can expect some regular fluctuations from your solar panels. But a consistent decrease in efficiency points to an issue that needs attention. Learn how to spot these rare problems with these tips:

  1. Check the Weather: If it is a particularly overcast day, your solar panels will not take in as much sun as on a regular day. So be patient with your system, checking to see if the meter changes when the sun comes out again. Solar panels do offer advantages for areas with cloudy weather, but you should expect more energy on sunny days.
  2. Watch Your Energy Bill: You will be able to see a change in the efficiency of your solar panels through your energy bill. Look for widespread savings, and if those savings change, take a look at your solar meter or contact your solar energy expert.
  3. Monitor Your Mobile App: Modern solar installations typically have software that can be accessed via a mobile app.  It allows you to monitor your energy production and usage, and it will also show you if there are any issues with your panels.  For instance, if panels are not working, the app will show you which ones they are.
  4. Contact Your Solar Energy Company: If you have any suspicions that your solar panels are not performing at full power, your trusted solar energy company can check them out. They will take a look at the inverter and see if there are any damaged solar panels on the roof.

After investing in your solar panels, you can learn how to keep an eye on them to ensure they take in as much energy from the sun as promised. Then, when solar panels are working at full power, you can enjoy maximized benefits.

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2 years ago / September 19, 2022

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