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30% Tariff on Solar Modules: What it Means for the Cost of Your Solar System

If you have been preparing to install a solar power system, then it was probably frustrating information to hear about the 30% tariff on solar modules that was recently signed…

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Thanksgiving Thoughts: Gratitude for Unlimited Renewable Energy

Thanksgiving is drawing near, so many people are turning their thoughts to gratitude. This season is a great opportunity to focus on the comforts that we enjoy each day. It…

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Why Solar Energy is Better for the Environment?

As you learn about climate change and other environmental concerns, it is likely that you will feel motivated to find ways to decrease your carbon footprint. Even though daily choices…

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Solar Eclipse Coming August 21st!

A total solar eclipse will cross the Pacific Northwest this month.   While California is not directly in the cross-hairs, on August 21 from roughly 9am to 12pm, the moon will…

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