How Climate Change is Affecting Wildfire Risk in California

Fires have always been a natural part of California’s ecosystem. However, since the 1980s wildfires have grown larger and raged more intensely than ever. Records show that the hottest and driest years of the last century have occurred since the year 2000. But why now?


Over the last hundred years, temperatures across California have increased by about three degrees Fahrenheit. This rise in temperature is causing soils and plant life to lose water much faster than they did in prior decades. Reduced water content in plant vegetation makes it much more susceptible when a fire breaks out. As the planet warms, it’s harder for plants and soil to retain their moisture. As a result, wildfires in California and the western United States have dramatically increased in size and ferocity.


The length of the dry season in California has become longer in duration. Historically, cooling rains began in late October, marking an end to the driest part of the year. But in recent years, the rains haven’t come until November or December. When the autumn winds come, conditions are perfect for a flare-up of fire and destruction. With plentiful fuel and blowing oxygen, the only thing needed to start a fire is a heat source, such as a lightning bolt, a smoldering cigarette, or a spark shower from a power line. The longer the dry season, the drier the vegetation, the greater the opportunity for a fire to start.

What Can Be Done?

The destructive fires occurring in our State and across the western U.S. are a serious issue. We can help to slow this phenomenon by doing our part to reduce greenhouse gases and energy consumption.

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5 years ago / November 12, 2019

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