Will Your Solar System Allow You to Disconnect from the Grid?

Will Your Solar System Allow You to Disconnect from the Grid?

Homeowners sometimes choose solar power because they want the opportunity to disconnect their home from the grid. The typical home solar system is designed to keep you connected to the grid and pull power when you need it and push back electricity when you are producing more power than you are using.  This is called Net Metering (NEM).  These grid tied solar systems reduce or eliminate your monthly electric bill, help the environment and protect you from future electric rate increases from the utility.

Can You Be Disconnected from the Grid?

The only way your solar system can be disconnected from the grid entirely is if you also choose to install a backup system that uses batteries. These systems aren’t included in the standard solar packages for one main reason, they add to the overall cost of the solar installation. A typical battery based system will cost about $12,000 more, but may make sense if you live in an area of frequent power outages, run a business out of your home, are dependent on a medical device or have built a home far from the power companies electrical lines. Even though you are making your own electricity and have battery back-up, you most likely will want to remain connected to the grid, because there are advantages.

Benefit of Staying Connected to the Grid

There are benefits that you can enjoy if you are connected to the utility company. If more energy is generated than what you are using in your home, you can store the excess electricity with the utility company for usage at night or a later date. This is called net metering.

Net metering can also be used to your advantage by storing your power when the electricity is worth more to the utility. In this instance, the electricity at peak times is compensated at a higher rate allowing you to use more electricity when the rates are lower at no additional cost.

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