Want to Save Money? Solar Installation is the Answer

Posted by New Day Solar
1 year ago | December 10, 2019

Owning a home is anything but cheap. From mortgage payments, to home repairs, to utility bills, the monthly outflow of money adds up very quickly.  Responsible homecare and management can go a long way in reducing costs, but rarely will it result in savings so deep that you practically eliminate a recurring cost entirely. This is exactly why solar panel installation is so intriguing to so many people.  In the right circumstance, solar is one of the few home investments that can reduce a monthly bill by drastic amounts.

Cost of Solar

Since 2005, solar electric systems have become much more affordable due to scale production, increased demand, technological innovations, and large Tax incentives. Plus, industry-specific financing options eliminate the cost barrier.

Today, the average cost of a system that generates 100% of an average home’s electricity is around $20,000 – BEFORE any Tax incentives.  Solar has a very low cost of maintenance, and is a reliable and time-tested technology.  The industry has grown 1,000% over the last decade because people are realizing it’s not just a fad but one of the best investments they can make.  After the system pays for itself, your monthly electricity will be almost free, and won’t be influenced by market fluctuations or utility monopolies.

How Much Can You Save?

At today’s prices, of our clients typically realize ROI in 6-8 years.  The modern solar panel is expected to perform well for 40-50 years, so the long-tern savings are huge.  Remember, Southern California electricity rates increase by 6% per year on average.  Not only are you in a lifetime contract with the utility but you have to pay them whatever they want to charge.  For most people, the cost of energy is one of the highest monthly expenses and solar is the only way to break free!

Consult with Local Pros

If you’re interested in the potential of a solar system, you have nothing to lose by getting the information you need to make an informed decision.  Contact New Day Solar for a no-obligation consultation with an expert.  We’ll help you to determine whether a solar system is a good fit for your situation. Call now: (855) 444-6329.

What Can Solar Do For You?

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