Witching Hour: How Solar Panels Work at Night

Witching Hour: How Solar Panels Work at Night

When the sun goes down, and all of the children are out trick-or-treating, does it mean that your home can’t be powered by electricity from your solar panels? Since solar panels require sunlight, it’s no surprise to hear that they aren’t generating power at night. Technically, they still function when the sun goes down, but no electricity can be generated when it’s dark outside.

Solar Panels Are Always Working

The important thing to understand is that solar panels are always working. The question about their efficiency depends on the amount of light the panels are exposed to. At night, close to zero electricity is generated. But the energy generated during the daylight hours can make up for the nighttime.

Even when the weather is cloudy during the day, solar panels can still collect at least a little sunlight and generate electricity. The amount of electricity available depends on the sunlight reaching the solar panels. For example, if there are a lot of clouds in the sky, you might only have half as much electricity generated compared to a bright, sunny day.

Powering Your Home with Solar Power at Night

Just because there is no sunlight at night doesn’t mean that you can’t use clean electricity for your home. One option is to have a solar storage system (such as a solar battery), which collects extra energy during the day so you can use that energy at night.

Most solar power systems are connected to the grid. As a result, your system can contribute extra energy during the day to the grid system. Then, at night, your home will use electricity from the grid. It can all balance out so that your contributions are comparable to the energy used overall.

Is It Time to Invest in Solar Power?

Are you ready to benefit from clean energy for your home? If you are interested in learning more about your solar installation options, we invite you to contact our experienced team for more information. New Day Solar offers a variety of options for small and large solar power systems. Call at your convenience, and we will gladly book a free consultation to discuss your needs: (855) 444-6329.

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9 months ago / October 17, 2023

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