Power Outages: How to Make the Most of Your Backup Solar Battery

Power Outages: How to Make the Most of Your Backup Solar Battery

Rolling power outages are a concern, especially when the risk of wildfire is high. What will happen in your home if you lose power because of a utility shutoff or a temporary disruption because of repair work or an accident?

Consequences of Power Outages

Losing power can be expensive if you have food that spoils in the fridge and freezer. Additionally, some people lose money because the power outage interrupts their ability to work at home. Depending on the weather outside, your home can quickly become uncomfortable because the HVAC system isn’t working.

In serious situations, power outages can make it impossible to use power-reliant medical equipment. Temperature-sensitive medications can be affected if you don’t have a fridge to keep the medicine cool.

Protecting Your Family from Power Outages

You don’t have any control over what happens to the power grid. But installing a residential solar power system can give you options to manage the amount of power available for your family. If you want to protect against power outages, then consider investing in an extra battery backup feature. Most residential systems are connected to the grid and don’t have a battery system. But homeowners have the option to add the feature if they’d like to use electricity during a power outage.

Without a battery, you can only use the power that is immediately available. When a battery is added to a solar power system, it gives you a reserve of electricity that can be used when the panels aren’t generating energy, and you can’t access power from the grid.

Having a solar power battery is an extra cost for your installation. But many people feel it’s worth the expense because of the peace of mind available for the times when power outages occur.

Learn About Your Options for Solar Power

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