Power Outage Prep: Generators Vs. Solar Energy Battery Storage

Power Outage Prep: Generators Vs. Solar Energy Battery Storage

With unpredictable power outages due to high winds, ice storms, heatwaves, and more, it is sensible to have disaster preparation on your mind. However, the last thing you want is to prepare for an upcoming storm with a big shopping trip just to have your power go out and all of your food rot.

So what can you do to prepare for a power outage? First, let’s explore the options for generators and solar energy plus battery storage.

Generators Vs. Battery Storage for Solar

What is the difference between generators and solar panels with battery storage?


Generators can keep the vital appliances in your home running through a blackout. You can plug in your refrigerator, HVAC unit, wifi router, and more into the generator. It stays outside and runs on fuel while your house continues with power amidst an outage.

There are also options for generators that are hooked right into the natural gas line of your home. When the power goes out, you typically still have access to natural gas.

Generators can be a great solution to keeping your house running during a power outage. But you will have to rely on fuel for the generator, usually propane or gasoline. Also, if your generator is hooked up to the natural gas line, you have to hope nothing goes wrong with that source.

Solar Energy with Battery Storage

When you have solar panels on your home, the solar panels receive energy from the sun each day. Battery storage offers an option for storing extra energy so that you have power through the night or to fuel all elements of your home’s power when the grid goes dark.

Solar plus battery storage is an excellent solution to preparing for an outage because the sun will always come up day after day, replenishing the power used the night before. With enough storage, you can keep your house up and running for days or even weeks without power or a source of fuel besides the sun.

Solar energy will always give you renewable energy options that won’t have you relying on storing fuel or connecting to the grid. So if that interests you, give our pro team at New Day Solar a call for a free consultation: (855) 444-6329.

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2 years ago / March 8, 2022

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