Does Extreme Heat Cause Damage to Solar Panels?

Does Extreme Heat Cause Damage to Solar Panels?

Many people assume that solar panels function the best in hot climates. The truth is it’s not about the temperature and more about the amount of sunlight that solar panels get that will affect their efficiency. Whether the sunlight is 100 degrees or 30 degrees does not matter.

What about Extreme Heat?

Solar panels are built to withstand temperatures up to 149 degrees Fahrenheit. In many cases, this is no problem as the weather doesn’t reach over 120 degrees typically. Direct sunlight is excellent for solar panels to soak in as much energy from the sun as possible.

What about other extreme conditions?

Extreme Weather Conditions and Solar Panels

How much of the outside elements can solar panels handle? You don’t want to picture your panels flying off your house during a windstorm. Luckily, solar panels stay put during extreme weather conditions:

  • Heavy Rain: The panels are built to be waterproof and protect their electrical components in the case of rain. Heavy rain does not affect solar panels, as they have proven to stay in place.
  • High-Speed Winds: Most solar panels are certified to handle 140 mph winds. The wind inside a tornado is typically 40-112 mph. Some hurricanes can exceed the wind speed limit, and damage to solar panels during a storm would most likely come from large debris hitting them. Still, solar panel damage has proven to be rare during a hurricane.
  • Hail: Hail typically falls at the rate of 20 mph, and solar panels are designed to withstand hail falling at 50 mph. They hold up well during a hail storm.
  • Snow and Ice: Heavy snow on solar panels does not cause damage, but it may block the panels from receiving power. Often, the snow melts off and cleans the surface as it slides. So it doesn’t block the sun for too long. Ice can build up as well, but extreme cold does not affect solar panels’ efficiency.

Solar panels are durable in all kinds of extreme weather conditions. If you are interested in solar panels for your home, call New Day Solar for a free consultation: (855) 444-6329.

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3 years ago / July 22, 2021

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