The Benefits of Battery Back-up (Energy Storage) for Your Solar Panels

The Benefits of Battery Back-up (Energy Storage) for Your Solar Panels

Even if your residential solar system is connected to the grid, there are benefits to adding battery back-up or energy storage to your system. Adding batteries to your solar system can enable you to store extra electricity that your solar system generates and use it later when you need it.  If your solar system produces more energy than you need during the day, your power is sent back to the grid to give you energy credits.  

Grid tied solar systems will turn off automatically if there is a power outage, but with the addition of batteries, you will still have power when the grid goes down. If there is a power outage, your batteries can provide enough electricity to have certain circuits in your house energized during that time. With battery back-up, you can have the benefit of being connected to the utility grid, while also having power when the grid is down.

Determining Battery Needs

Just because your solar system has battery back-up, it doesn’t mean that you will have unlimited power during a grid outage. This system is designed to meet your “critical load” needs – such as your refrigerator, some outlets, your garage door opener, furnace fan motor and most lights in the house. A battery back-up system can provide basic electricity to get you through until the Utility is back on line again.

Our team can work with you to determine your household energy needs and will help you decide on the size of the battery system that makes sense for your family’s energy needs.

Is Having Battery Back-up Necessary?

Adding energy storage will increase the cost of your solar system, so you should determine if having batteries is important to you. Keep in mind that it isn’t necessary for every solar system to have batteries for back-up. Most of the time you will have plenty of electricity generated from your solar panels and the grid. If you live in a fire area where the utility company may shut off your power during high wind days, you need to have electricity for medical reasons or you just want to have peace of mind during a power outage, then you may want to consider adding energy storage to your solar system.

Consider your long-term goals and the amount that you want to spend to have solar installed at your home. Then, talk to our team about your energy needs and decide if batteries should be included in your solar installation plan.

If adding batteries is not something you choose to do now, you can add them in the future if desired. These components can be connected into an existing system through AC coupling (or DC coupling, depending on your needs).

Personalized Plan for Your Solar Installation

Choose a solar power system that fits your family’s energy needs.  Our team at New Day Solar has been installing solar and battery systems since 1988 and we are happy to answer any questions that you may have and help design a solar system with or without energy storage for you.  Call us today for a no obligation consultation at : (855) 444-6329 or visit us online at Now is the best time to go solar, since the Federal Tax Credit will decrease from 26% to 22% on January 1st.

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