How to Read Your SCE Meter After Solar is Installed

How to Read Your SCE Meter After Solar is Installed

With the industry shift from analogue meters, to digital meters, to now bi-directional smart meters, it’s easy for the average home owner to get confused when they read their house meter, especially once they’ve installed a solar electric system. Like time clocks, the introduction of digital displays makes reading numbers a lot quicker, but only if you know what the numbers represent. Below, is a breakdown of each of your Southern California Edison’s meter displays, and what they represent. This information will hopefully help many homeowners better understand what they’re reading on their electric bill, and if they have solar installed on site, allow them to keep a better eye on how accurately their Net Metering is being calculated.

Screen Flash – SYNC NET

This screen flash simply states, “SYNC NET”. The smart meter is alerting that it’s currently connected via communication to the utility’s monitoring.

Screen Flash – Full Digital Light Up

This is a standard display error check. The meter is letting the observer know that there is currently no issues with the display.

Screen Flash – CODE 001

One of two codes that provide the specifics of the home’s electrical consumption. This code displays the cumulative kilowatt-hours that your home has drawn from the utility grid. Essentially, how much power the electronics in your house have been utilizing and what you have been paying Southern California Edison for.

Screen Flash – CODE 071

This code is only applicable if you have an onsite power generation source, such as a solar electric system. This number represents the cumulative extra kilowatt-hours that are produced by your home’s power source that are pushed back onto the grid. It’s important to note that the power production only backfeeds to the utility’s electric grid if your power source is producing more power than your home can currently use at that time.

Screen Flash – CODE PLD – CODE 252

Internal Programming Code. This code should theoretically never change. It simply relays that the meter has been programmed for utilizing with Net Metering.

Screen Flash – CODE 082

Instantaneous Reading of Electricity – currently being utilized by the house loads.

This number is what your house is currently using or backfeeding to the utility grid.

If the arrow is pointing to the right, the number is positive and you’re using that power. If the arrow is pointing to the left, the number is negative, and your on-site power source is currently back feeding that amount of extra power to the electrical grid.

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