Is It Possible to Add More Panels To an Existing Solar Panel System?

Is It Possible to Add More Panels To an Existing Solar Panel System?

If you have made a significant change in your life that has resulted in more power usage than when you initially set up your solar panels, it may be time to add more panels. Adding a hot tub or increasing your household size are examples of changes that raise your home’s power usage.

Not all systems are set up to take on more solar panels. A few things need to be considered before adding on more panels.

Is It Possible to Add Solar Panels to the Existing System?

Look for these aspects to find out:

  • Your inverter is big enough to take on more panels. This is something that could be planned beforehand when you initially installed it. Maybe you chose an inverter that had room for growth since you saw this could be a possibility.
  • There is room on the roof for more panels. If you have ample space, that is one obstacle you won’t have to overcome.
  • The same manufacturer is still available to install the exact size of the array on the new panels. It is best to use the same manufacturer and use panels with the same array size as the original panels.

If these items check out, then you may be able to add panels to your system. If the inverter is not big enough to take on more panels, you can install another system with a separate inverter.

Tips for Installing Solar with Future Additions in Mind

For those looking to install solar and want the option to add new panels down the road as your family grows, keep these three things in mind:

  1. Choose an established manufacturer.
  2. Choose a larger inverter that has room for increased panels in the future.
  3. Make the change as soon as you know about your power increase to ensure you get the panels made from the same manufacturer.

The best option is to install solar from the beginning to fit all of your anticipated future needs. But if circumstances change, know that there are options for expanding your solar panel system.

If you are consistently using way more power than your solar panels provide, it may be time to invest in adding more panels. Our expert team at New Day Solar can help determine what the right move is for your solar panel system. Give us a call for a free consultation: (855) 444-6329.

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3 years ago / March 11, 2021

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