How to Know if the Roof Is Ready for Solar Panel Installation

How to Know if the Roof Is Ready for Solar Panel Installation

While solar panels can be installed on any type of roof, you want to be sure your roof is in good shape and ready for installation. You will find that there are optimal conditions for solar panels. But they will work on any roof and get energy from the sun in various conditions.

Optimal Conditions for Solar Panels

Of course, these conditions are the best for optimal energy from solar panels. But small changes in these conditions will glean just a small percentage less of energy. When you work with an expert solar installation team, they can help you determine how to get the most bang for your buck with the solar panels on your roof.

  • Facing South: The best direction for solar panels is facing south. Depending on the angle of your home, you can face them southeast or southwest. Every home is different, and you don’t always find a spot for solar panels facing directly south. Any southern direction will take in plenty of energy from the sun.
  • 30 Degree Angle: The tilt of the solar panels is important as they can take in the most energy from the moving sun at 30 degrees. If your roof is flat, you can mount the solar panels in angles on the roof. If the roof is steeper up to 40 degrees, the energy intake will change by 1% or so. Some roofs can be too steep, in which you’d look into other solar panel solutions.
  • Long-Lasting Roof: Since solar panels can last decades on your roof, you want to mount them on a roof that also lasts that long. Metal roofs last the longest but are also the most expensive. Shingles are standard for roofs and can last 20 or so years, depending on the weather. Tile roofs are also great for solar panels, but installation may be more expensive if tiles need to be removed in the process. Get your roof inspected before installing solar panels to make sure it is ready to last just as long as the solar panels.

Get a consultation with a solar panel expert to determine the optimal placement of solar panels on your roof. You can give our pro team at New Day Solar a call for a free consultation: (855) 444-6329.

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3 years ago / November 16, 2021

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