How Much Does Roof Placement Matter in Solar Installation?

How Much Does Roof Placement Matter in Solar Installation?

Many people think that solar panels are only worth it if they face the right direction with the perfect tilt towards the sun. Of course, you want to find the best placement of solar panels for your roof, but there is no ideal placement. If your roof doesn’t allow you to face the panels to the sun directly, it only lowers the optimization by about 10%.

Why Can’t You Place the Panels Perfectly Aligned with the Sun?

Even if you lined up the solar panels’ tilt to be in line with the sun, the angle changes throughout the year. For example, the sun is closer in the summer, and the sun is further away in the winter. So you can optimize the tilt for the summer, but then the panels will not take in as much sun in the winter.

You can install solar panels that move with the tilt of the sun, which would help you to glean about 20% more energy. But these panels have not proven to last longer than 5 years. Therefore, you would be better off spending the money on 20% more solar panels rather than having to replace a whole system with solar tracking.

Why Are Solar Panels Installed at the Roof’s Tilt?

Because solar panels have been proven to take in different amounts of power according to the changing sun’s tilt, most solar installations happen flattened to the existing slant of the roof. Overall, this takes in the most energy from the sun throughout all seasons.

Along these same lines, if the angle of your roof is not lined up directly with your roof, remember that the sun spans the whole sky. So you can find the optimal side of the roof according to your home. And that side will absorb the most amount of sun as the sun rises and falls across the sky each day.

Call Trusted Solar Professionals

If you would like a professional team to take a look at your home and determine the best solar panel placement for your roof, give our team a call. We can answer your questions and explain a few scenarios before you have to make a big decision. So give our pro team at New Day Solar a call for a free consultation: (855) 444-6329.

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3 years ago / October 19, 2021

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