Can Home Owners Associations (HOAs) Deny Solar Installation?

Can Home Owners Associations (HOAs) Deny Solar Installation?

If you live in a community with a Home Owners Association (HOA), do the community rules prevent you from installing a solar electric system on your property? In the state of California, the California Solar Rights Act prevents HOAs from limiting a person’s ability to install solar panels.  In other words, your HOA can not prevent you from installing a solar electric system on your property.  Of course, if you live in a Home Owners Association you would still need to notify the association that you were having a solar system installed. Your solar contractor can create plans and provide documents for you to submit to your HOA regarding the solar installation, so that they can approve the layout.

California Civil Code

According to the civil code written in the act, anything that “prohibits or restricts the installation of use of a solar energy system is void and unenforceable.” So, homeowners have the right to install a solar system, although there can be reasonable restrictions on the placement of the solar panels. The definition of reasonable restrictions are things that “do not significantly increase the cost of the system or significantly decrease its efficiency or specified performance.”

In September 2014, this Solar Rights Act was amended to define how much “significantly” means when it comes to solar installation. The amendment specified that the amount should not exceed $1,000 over the original system cost or decrease the efficiency of the system more than 10%.

Hire an Experienced Solar Installation Team

Whether you live in an area with or without an HOA, it is essential to make sure that you follow the building codes and restrictions. Most homeowners don’t have a firm understanding of these restrictions.  The best solution is to hire an experienced installation team to ensure that you are abiding by the guidelines that are set by the building department, utility companies and Home Owner Associations.

At New Day Solar, we want to be sure that your solar installation is installed right!  If you live in a home or condo with HOA restrictions, then we will gladly work with the HOA Architectural Committee to get them what is needed for their approval. This conversation can help us to be sure that the installation falls within the requirements that are set by the building department and the HOA board.

Are you ready to learn more about the benefits of solar power for your home or office?  We invite you to call our team to schedule a complimentary consultation.  Use our 28 years of expertise to answer any solar questions  that you may have or install a solar system for you.   You can contact our team at (855) 444-6329 or you can visit our website at  Our prices are on our website!

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