Will Solar Panels Be a Good Fit for My House?

Are you trying to decide if your house is a good candidate for solar installation? If you want the advantage of solar power in your home, then there is usually a way to incorporate the equipment that is needed to generate power from the sun.

Not only do you need to think about the size and layout of the property, but you also need to decide if it is a cost-effective investment. The best thing that you can do is to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team to learn more about your options for going solar. These are some of the questions that we will evaluate to determine if solar is a good solution for you and your family:

How Much are You Spending on Utility Costs?

Evaluate your energy bill and compare those costs with the expense of a payment for a solar system. Will it save you money to put in solar panels? In many areas in California, electricity can be very expensive.  As a result, the electricity bill is a stressful cost every month, but with a 30% Federal Tax Credit, solar has become more affordable.

Generating clean energy with a solar electric system gives you access to electricity for your home without paying the high utility costs. Learn more about the monthly costs of installing a solar system, and you will likely see that it is a great investment for your home and family.

Where Will the Solar Panels Be Installed?

There are several options for solar panel installations.  A townhouse or single-family home usually has a place where the solar panels can be installed on the roof.  Solar panels can also be installed on the ground if you have the room on your property.

Not only do you need space to install solar panels, but they also need to be located in an area where they will receive a lot of sunshine. During the consultation, we will evaluate environmental factors that might impact sunshine on the solar panels, such as trees or other buildings in the area that would shade the solar array.

Are you ready for the benefits of solar power? Talk to one of our team members at New Day Solar to see if your home is a good candidate for solar.   We offer free, no-obligation consultations and our sales consultants will answer all of your solar questions honestly.   We have been installing solar electric systems for 30 years, and we pride ourselves on our quality, integrity and legendary customer service! 

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New Day Solar

Posted by New Day Solar
6 years ago / March 13, 2018

At New Day Solar, we are committed to improving the world we live in, as well as helping our community create brighter tomorrows!

With the expertise that New Day Solar provides, as well as the federal tax credits and rebates available, solar electricity is beneficial to everyone. Not only will you help conserve our environment, but you can save some money too! Solar electricity is not just a luxury, but also an investment for your home and country. Electricity is only going to get more expensive, but with help from New Day Solar, you can harness the sun’s energy and use it to your advantage.

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