How to Monitor and Correct Underperforming Solar Panels

How to Monitor and Correct Underperforming Solar Panels

With the increased use of solar panels comes the increased instances of underperforming equipment. So how can you tell if your panels are underperforming? And what should you do about it?

First, let’s talk about what can go wrong with solar panel performance.

Why Solar Equipment Underperforms

There are a few reasons why your solar panels aren’t bringing in as much energy as was estimated. Take a look at this list:

  • Manufacturing issues like cracks, damage, or poor quality control
  • Severe weather from haze, hurricanes, or hail
  • Shading from misplacement of panels
  • Defects from installation or unwanted animal activity

How to Resolve the Issue

First, you should know the energy capacity of your solar panels. Watch for spikes in your energy bill with time. If you haven’t changed your energy consumption habits, it is worth contacting the installer to look into the increase in your statement.

Keep in mind that solar panels do degrade slightly with time, decreasing the energy output. This should be spelled out in your warranty so that you can look for underperformance outside the expected degradation.

You can also install an energy monitor when you get your solar panels installed. This will track how well each panel is performing and help you identify if there is an inverter malfunction or a problem with built-up ashes or leaves. Your installer may have an easy fix for your underperforming solar panel.

No matter what is causing the issue, be sure to alert your solar panel installation team. When you invest a significant amount of money in a product that is supposed to be long-lasting, you want to reap all of the benefits you can.

Contact New Day Solar

When solar panels are new to you, it brings comfort to know that you can measure how well they are performing. Staying on top of your solar energy equipment and reaching out when you see problems will keep your system optimized and working at its full potential. At New Day Solar, our team can answer all inquiries and check out your equipment whenever you need it. So give us a call today: (855) 444-6329.

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3 years ago / August 17, 2021

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