What Does “Carbon Footprint” Mean?

Posted by New Day Solar
4 years ago | October 10, 2017

The topic of climate change is a growing concern for many people. You might hear terms like solar energy, renewable energy, carbon footprint, and wonder what these things really mean.  Let’s clarify the term “carbon footprint” so that you can understand the impact that your decisions have on the environment.

Why is Carbon Bad?

Carbon is a naturally occurring element found in the atmosphere of our planet. It is found in many natural products, such as animals, plants, soil, and even the oceans. This odorless gas is a natural part of the world that we live in. The problems start to happen when the carbon dioxide levels get too high.

Humans have changed the carbon levels, resulting in what is known as a greenhouse gas effect. Your daily decisions cause carbon to be released into the environment. If you have a large carbon footprint, then it means that you are making many every day decisions that increase the carbon dioxide in the air. As a result, your lifestyle is contributing to this greenhouse gas effect.

Causes of Increasing Levels of Carbon Dioxide

Why are the carbon dioxide levels going up? The main cause is human activity. This carbon dioxide is released into the air when fossil fuels are burned, such as oil, natural gas, and coal. Other causes include burning wood products and solid waste decay.

As technology has progressed, so have the carbon levels in our environment. The highest sources of carbon come from transportation, manufacturing, industry, and electricity usage. Did you know that flipping on a light in your home results in fossil fuel usage, which releases carbon into the air?

Go Solar to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

If you want to minimize your impact on the environment, having solar electricity is one of the best things that you can do. This renewable energy source helps you step away from the need to use energy that comes from fossil fuel sources. You can even go one step further and have an electric car plugged in to your own solar electric system, further reducing the carbon footprint for you and your family.

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