How Much Extra Will Electricity Cost During Christmas?
December 8, 2020

Do you love the glittering of Christmas lights in the house? It’s fun to put up the holiday decorations, but some homeowners wonder how all the lights will impact their utility bills. Christmas lights often turn on after Thanksgiving and shine bright through the end of the year. In fact,…

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Contrary to Popular Belief: Solar Panels Thrive in Winter Months
November 17, 2020

The regions around the world that typically have cold, cloudy climates are not ruling out solar. Solar is thriving in places with cloudy, cold weather like Germany, where solar energy makes up for more than a quarter of their total energy usage.  Here are some benefits of solar panels in…

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Is your Home Ready for Solar
November 10, 2020

Are you interested in getting solar for your home? Start with deciding if your home is ready for solar or if you will need to make some changes before your solar is installed. Roof Age – How old is your roof? If your roof is more than 20 years old,…

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How Electricity Works When You Have a Solar Power System
October 20, 2020

Solar panels harness the power of the sun.  With the help of inverters the power generated from the solar panels is modified to match the grid and the electricity in your home. How Solar Energy Works What happens when solar panels are installed at your home? Here is a quick…

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