30% Tariff on Solar Modules: What it Means for the Cost of Your Solar System

Posted by New Day Solar
2 years ago | February 20, 2018

If you have been preparing to install a solar power system, then it was probably frustrating information to hear about the 30% tariff on solar modules that was recently signed by President Trump. Does this tariff mean that solar panels are now too expensive for your family’s budget? The truth is that these changes will have little to no impact on residential solar installations.

What Will the Tariff Do To Your Solar Costs?

At New Day Solar, we are always working to provide our customers with affordable solutions for clean energy. Even though President Trump signed the new tariff, you need to know that the costs won’t impact the labor, permits, inverters, or the miscellaneous costs of the solar system.  So, you won’t see major changes in the system prices that we offer.  There is still a 30% Federal Tax Credit for both residential and commercial systems available.  

The Future

Historically, there has never been a better time to go Solar.  Even with these small increases, the overall savings for the residential customer to install solar is greater than the continuing option to buy electricity from the utilities.  Since there is a 25 year manufacturer warranty on the solar panels, you definitely want to use a solar panel manufacturer that is financially sound, so that your investment is protected by the manufacturer’s warranty.

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What Can Solar Do For You?

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