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Moving to a new home and want to verify that the solar electric system is working properly? The production numbers on a previously installed system seem a little low? Feel free to give us a call. Finding someone to do solar repair or troubleshooting is often difficult to find when a warranty expires, or the original company is no longer in business. That’s why we have always offered a service in assisting homeowners that require aid in diagnosing potential issues or replacement of system components. In those cases, if an issue with your system is discovered, our staff can walk you through your options, and what solution would make financial sense for you. We want to get your system generating power and working for you, as soon as possible.

Solar Panels Require Minimal Maintenance

Since there are no moving parts in a solar electric system, minimal maintenance is required. If your home is located next to a dusty road, feel free to use a simple hose to rinse off the panels from time to time. However, make sure that it’s done in either the early hours of the day, or the late evening to prevent drastic glass temperature shifts from the cold water of the hose.

There is no reason to invest in a “solar panel cleaning” company, unless you have bird residue, tree sap or heavy soiling. If your solar system does develop a problem, don’t hesitate to contact one of our experts for questions, so we can find the best solution for you.

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