Ground Mounted Solar Power Installation

For those home owners who’s roof either sits under an abundance of shade, or has an extremely complex layout due to ventilation, a ground-mounted solar electric system may be a better option for them than the traditional roof-mounted system. Larger lot properties usually have a few prime locations for adding a ground-mounted system away from the shade.

Though a little more expensive, ground mounted systems offer many unique benefits over their roof-mounted counterparts. These benefits would include a more efficient overall system due to the panels remaining cooler during the day from greater air flow, a custom tilt, azimuth, and orientation for the array, a system size not as easily restricted on a set space, and no roof penetrations, to mention a few.

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Ground Mounted Array Pricing

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Average Monthly Energy Bill ~ $125 ~ $225 ~ $325
DC System Size (Watts) 5,040 7,840 10,080
# Of Solar Modules 18 28 36
Annual System Power Output (kWh) 8,310 12,927 16,620
Square Footage Required 293 513 733
kW Hours Per Month Generated 693 1,077 1,385
New Day Solar’s Price Per Watt $3.83 $3.54 $3.43
Cost Before Federal Tax Credit $19,282 $27,772 $34,564
30% Federal Tax Credit After Rebate $5,784 $8,331 $10,369
* Total Cost -Ground Mount Installation $13,497 $19,440 $24,194

* Though financing options are available, prices listed above are for cash purchases only. Prices may be adjusted due to site variables. Chart calculated with Enphase Microinverters and Hyundai Product. kW sizes based on DC calculations.

Services Included

Permit Package
and Submission

Net Metering

Custom Installation
and System Activation

Equipment and
Contractor Warranty

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