Installing Solar Panels with No Money Down

Should you choose to finance your solar electric system, we offer a variety of financing solutions that benefit nearly every situation.

Financing provides an affordable means to purchase a solar electric system for your home without paying the full cost up front.

The most popular loan that we currently offer is a $0 down, *2.99%, 12 year loan with no pre-payment penalty. Typically, the payments for this loan are either the same or less than what you are currently paying to your electric company. With these loans, you own your own system, can still take advantage of the 26% Federal Tax Credit, and can pay the loan off early at any time, without being penalized with excess fees.

New Day Solar does not currently offer any leasing programs. We typically find that they do not benefit our customers, when you compare them to our other financial loan programs. Unlike leasing, if you pay cash or finance your solar electric system through one of our preferred lenders, there is greater flexibility when selling your home. Also, you will own the system after is paid for and you can apply for the 26% Federal Tax Credit. For more information and to learn about our current financing options, feel free to contact us!

Financing Examples:

What Can Solar Do For You?

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