Does a Roof Layout Matter for Solar Panels?

Posted by New Day Solar
1 month ago | May 18, 2021

When you are looking into solar panels for your home, does your home have to be facing a specific direction to ensure the most panel efficiency? The sun rises in the east and sets in the west and usually pans the whole surface of your roof throughout the day. But there is one specific direction that will receive the most direct light.

In What Direction Should Solar Panels Be Installed on a Roof

The straightforward answer is south. Solar panels will receive the most direct sunlight when facing south. If your roof composition does not have a surface facing south, then southwest and southeast are also acceptable, only receiving about 10% less direct sunlight. It is always best to hire professionals to assess your roof and determine the best position for your solar panels.

What If My Roof Does Not Allow Installation on the South

Suppose you can’t install solar panels on the south side of your roof at all, or if you have trees or a tall building blocking that side of your roof. In those cases, you can make up for the less direct sunlight by installing more panels on the west and east sides of your home. It is possible to make solar panels work with any home.

Alternative Options

If it isn’t going to work out to install solar panels on your roof, we can explore options for a ground mounted system.  This is a common option for our clients who live in Wine Country, those who have larger properties, and sometimes for homeowners with a backyard slope.  Depending on the size and sun exposure of the slope, it could be an option for solar installation.  As part of our initial consultation with you, we’ll have one of our estimators evaluate your yard for potential options.

Our team at New Day Solar can assess the viability of solar panels for your home. While there are so many options for all roof types, you can get a free consultation to ensure your roof is fit for panels. Call today to set up your appointment: (855) 444-6329.

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