Do Home Insurance Policies Cover Solar Panels?

Do Home Insurance Policies Cover Solar Panels?

You may wonder about home insurance policies and solar panels. While solar panels come with excellent warranties, homeowners’ insurance will also cover solar panels in the case of natural disasters. Let’s go through some frequently asked questions about home insurance and solar panels.

Solar Panels and Home Insurance FAQs

If you are wondering how getting solar panels will affect your home insurance policy, read through these FAQs to get started. Then contact your insurance agent for answers specific to your policy.

Will my policy rate increase after getting solar panels?

Typically, home insurance coverage is based on the value of your home. Since solar panels increase the value of your home, your rate will likely change.

Should I tell my insurance company about new solar panels?

Yes, let your insurance company know about your solar panels. You would be grateful that they are included in your policy if something were to go wrong.

Will the solar panels be covered in a natural disaster?

Every insurance policy is different. For example, since solar panels are a part of your house, they should be covered in the case of hail, high winds, or fire damage. However, when it comes to flood or earthquake damage, they will only be covered if you have extended the coverage on your home to cover those perils.

Also, home insurance will not cover normal wear and tear, which the solar panel warranty should cover.

Do I need to purchase additional insurance for my solar panels?

If your solar panels are installed into your roof, they are considered a part of your home and insured under home insurance. However, if you have free-standing solar panels in the yard or mounted on a fence or surface separate from your home, you would need to purchase additional insurance.

In Conclusion

In summary, solar panels are included in your home insurance. Contact your insurance provider to tell them about your new installation. Because solar panels add value to your home, your policy may change to include the new panels.

Now is the time to install solar as the market is booming. Take advantage of the warranties and tax credits offered with solar installation. And know that your panels are covered if the unexpected happens. If that interests you, give our trusted team at New Day Solar a call for a free consultation: (855) 444-6329.

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