It’s Getting Hotter, Now is the Time to Install Solar Panels
June 9, 2020

As the weather is warming up, have you put together a list of home improvement projects for the summer? For most households, summer means that the air conditioner is turned on, the kids are home from school, and energy usage is going up. If you want to avoid high utility…

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How Having Solar Panels Can Save You from the Impending Inflation Due to Coronavirus
May 19, 2020

The US Government has been pumping money into the economy as a way to prop up spending during this financial downturn. As Coronavirus has shut down businesses across the nation, millions of people are out of work and struggling financially. While some of these government programs might provide immediate financial…

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Have You Been Thinking About Having Solar Installed?
May 12, 2020

As we experience pandemics or natural disasters, it causes many people to step back and evaluate their priorities. What are your highest priorities? Most people choose life necessities: family, food, shelter, and health. Many people are out of work and see that their financial wellness is more fragile than they…

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Earth Day 2020
April 22, 2020

Though every Earth Day is a great time to reflect on what we as individuals and our society as a whole have accomplished in order to lesson our footprint on the planet for future generations, this Earth Day marks an extra special one. This is the 50 year anniversary of…

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