Retirement: It’s Not Too Late to Install Solar Power

Posted by New Day Solar
10 months ago | November 13, 2018

Cash can feel tight if you are on a limited budget in retirement.  The smallest increases to your utility bills can seem like a burden, if you don’t have the extra money to spare. Unfortunately, many seniors are facing financial concerns over the increasing cost of energy. There is a solution that should be considered: Installing a solar electric system on your home.

Is Solar Power a Good Investment at This Stage of Life?

The first question that retirees ask is whether solar power is a good investment in the later years of life. Should thousands of dollars be spent on this home improvement project when you aren’t sure how much longer you’ll be living in the home?

The best solution is to schedule a consultation with our team so that we can evaluate your situation. This conversation allows us to make personal recommendations to reduce your utility spending and optimize your budget.

In most cases, it’s a great investment to install solar panels on your home. Even if you are making monthly payments on the equipment, you will likely find that these costs are lower than what you were previously spending on utility bills and you don’t have to worry about the rate increases by the electric company.   Once you pay off the loan for your solar, you will start enjoying free energy without the monthly payment.   The solar modules are warrantied by the manufacturer for 25 years. 

Increasing the Value of Your Home

Don’t overlook the equity that is available from this home improvement. Solar panels can help to increase your property value. As a result, more money will go into your bank account when you decide that it is time to sell the property.  It is attractive to potential home buyers when you are selling a house with no electric bill.

Many financial strategies can be used to optimize your lifestyle and budget in retirement. A solar panel installation is one option that shouldn’t be overlooked. Having  a custom designed solar system installed gives you the chance to reduce your monthly spending, which can have a significant impact on your cash flow.

Are you considering solar installation in retirement?  Call New Day Solar for more information about the products and services that match your energy needs: (855) 444-6329 or visit us at:  With 30 years of solar experience, we will always answer your solar questions honestly and will let you know what energy solutions are available.

What Can Solar Do For You?

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