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New Day Solar was recently voted
“The Inland Empire’s Best Solar Company of 2016”
by the Press Enterprise.

We’d like to thank all of our incredible customers for nominating and awarding New Day Solar
as The Inland Empire’s Best solar company.

We’d also like to thank all of our dedicated and hard-working employees,
for without them, we wouldn’t be as successful as we are today.

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The more informed you are before choosing a contractor, the better your solar experience will be! Feel free to ask us as many questions as you’d like.

Our knowledgeable staff will work with you to present options that benefit your unique situation, offer suggestions, and walk you through the entire process.

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Should you install solar panels on your home or small commercial building?

Consider these facts about solar power installation…

The cost of solar installation is the lowest it has ever been.

Solar installation could lower your electric bill to just pennies per day.

Proper professional installation will not affect the integrity of your roof.

Adding solar energy can dramatically increase the value of your home.


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Install Solar Power Today Before Net Energy Metering Rules Change
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Net Energy Metering is a program that is designed to help you save money with a renewable energy generation system.  One of the most popular of these systems is Solar energy.  A solar energy system will typically generate more power during the day than your home will use, but you…

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Our Commitment to Communities

Our commitment to the communities we service is important to our core business.
We work with our local associations, chambers and industries to ensure the highest quality product.









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